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Plaosan Temple Yogyakarta – Twin Temples Which Are Proof of Love Between Two Religions

Plaosan Temple

Plaosan Temple Yogyakarta – Indonesia is known as the Country of a Thousand Temples. This is inseparable from the many temple buildings in this country, one of which is the Plaosan Temple. Although not as popular as Borobudur or Prambanan temples, this temple also has a charm that is no less extraordinary.

Therefore, this temple can be one of the recommended interesting tourist attractions that must be visited. So, for those of you who don’t know much about this temple, just take a look at the review below.

Get to know Plaosan Temple

This temple is estimated to have existed since the time of the Ancient Mataram Kingdom. The building was built in the 9th century AD during the Rakai Pikatan era. Interestingly, the building of this temple is said to be a form of offering and love for the king for a woman named Pramuda Wardhani.

Pikatan and Pramuda Wardhani are said to have different religions, namely Hinduism and Buddhism. Therefore, the architecture of Plaosan Temple consists of a mixture of two religious elements. It is hoped that this temple building can be a reflection of harmony and reconciliation between the two different religions.

Attraction of the Plaosan Temple

This temple, which is located in the same location as Prambanan Temple, has a number of attractions. First, regarding the temple buildings which consist of two, namely Plaosan Kidul and Lor Temples. This is also why this temple is often called the twin temple.

Apart from the unique building, this temple location can also be the best place to see sunset and sunrise views. This temple is also located in the middle of the fields so apart from pleasing your eyes you will also feel a very comfortable atmosphere.

Activities to Do at the Temple

If you intend to visit Plaosan Temple, there are a number of recommended activities you can do, including:


For those of you who are tired of various activities, relaxing in this temple can be one of the best healing options. Besides being able to see historical buildings, you will also be pampered by the beautiful atmosphere around the temple.


Cycling can be done for those of you who don’t want to just sit back and relax. This temple location also has a route that is free for tourists to pass. Later, you will pass through villages and rice fields with a cool natural atmosphere, far from pollution.

Taking selfies

Of course, it feels incomplete if you visit a tourist attraction without capturing it. Therefore, taking selfies is an activity not to be missed when visiting this temple. Capturing stunning temple locations will make your photos even more interesting.

Address, Operating Hours, and Ticket Prices

Plaosan Temple is located in Bugisan Village, Kec. Prambanan District. Klaten, Central Java. This temple is open every day from 07.30. The ticket price is also very cheap, namely IDR 5,000 per person with a parking fee of IDR 3,000 for two-wheeled vehicles and IDR 5,000 for four-wheeled vehicles.

Tips for visiting Plaosan Temple

For those of you who are interested in visiting this temple, you only need to ensure that your body is in good health so that you can enjoy your holiday moments comfortably. Regarding timing, you can come in the morning so the atmosphere is still cool. Apart from that, don’t forget to bring a cell phone or camera to capture the moment.

That is the information about Plaosan Temple, which is one of the historical buildings in Indonesia. Hopefully it can be a tourist attraction reference for those of you who want to enjoy holiday moments.